New Year update

I vanished. Sorry. No good excuse. I wasn’t too busy — most people who talk about being sooooooo busy are full of it. I just didn’t know what to write.

Truthfully, I had a great vacation. My office closed down for a nice, long break, and I got to enjoy about 10 days with my husband and mom. It was relaxing and fun and everything you would want. I ate way too much, got Christmas presents, slept in, all that jazz. We even went with Mom to several open houses. She’s serious about moving out here, and her plan is to buy a duplex or a home that would be easily divided into separate quarters. We would either co-sign on the loan or make monthly payments to her. Something like that. Frankly I don’t know the first thing about real estate other than what I think is pretty, so my husband and I are actually planning to meet with a realtor soon to discuss things.

I also had a job interview during my vacation. I should hear something — yes, no, second interview, what have you — on Friday. I feel cautiously happy. No matter what, though, I’ve decided to keep plugging away.

I tried to register for my first two prerequisites for the Master’s program I want to enter, but they were full before my registration date came. I emailed the professors and of course have heard nothing. I will try just showing up on the first day to see what that gets me. I’ll probably email them again, too. I will wait to do the latter until I hear about the job, however. If I get that job, it will have me working much (much much much) closer to home, so I would actually need to be in class on a different campus. And I just saw that the correct campus would not work, since the lab days would overlap. Oy. Stuff to figure out.

Always so much stuff to figure out.


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