The strangest reaction I had to stress concerned my hair. I’m a faux redhead, and it had been months since I had covered the brown showing through. I had also let my bangs grow out and wasn’t happy with my lopsided widow’s peak. So I cut my own bangs. Then I went for a darker, […]

Hospital rooms

I’ve been in St. Louis since Tuesday. Wednesday was about six hours of appointments and tests at the hospital, followed by Mexican food and a whole lotta nothin at the hotel. Yesterday I spent 12 hours at the hospital. We arrived at 9:00, and the procedure began at noon. Two and a half hours later, […]

Perchance to dream

I have officially started burning enough extra calories through running that I’m constantly hungry. Clearly I need to pack more filling lunches and/or healthy snacks. In the meantime, however, I’m binging on Halloween candy one of my evil, thoughtless employees brought in and KEEPS REFILLING. I came home in a terrible mood yesterday. I slept […]