Holiday. Happy.

The aftermath: the sink is full of dishes. Food is still sitting on the stove. Both boys are snoozing. I’m sipping wine and peppermint tea and watching football alone. It was my first year to prepare and host Thanksgiving lunch. We started small with just my husband, his brother (visiting from 1,500 miles away), and […]

Hospital rooms

I’ve been in St. Louis since Tuesday. Wednesday was about six hours of appointments and tests at the hospital, followed by Mexican food and a whole lotta nothin at the hotel. Yesterday I spent 12 hours at the hospital. We arrived at 9:00, and the procedure began at noon. Two and a half hours later, […]

The call

Yesterday was kind of a shit storm. I woke up with a migraine, which isn’t unusual for me, but it still sucked. I suffered through it for about two hours before I found my Imitrex, and even then it never fully went away. Mine are always accompanied by nausea, too. Then the cramps starting kicking […]


I just got some bad news. My mom needs extracranial surgery. I don’t know when yet. I’m scared. She’s scared. She is 1,500 miles away, so I will be flying to my hometown for a few days to help her with the recovery. At some point. Hopefully soon. The good news is that she should […]