The Average Urbanite

Married. Female. Twenty-eight. Virgo. Social-services worker in the 15% income bracket. Midwestern upbringing, but now calls Los Angeles home. Semi-anonymous so as not to scandalize the family — or, rather, so no one in my real life calls me out on anything.

The Blog

I started this blog for a lot of reasons, mainly selfish, personal ones. I’ve been living in LA for a little over a year now and still don’t feel like I’ve settled into my new life. I don’t have many friends and rarely feel like I can open up to anyone other than my husband or mom about what is going on in my life. I just needed a new outlet for my struggles, successes, fears, and the things I’m learning. Beyond that, in trying to find other local blogs to read, I noticed there was a dearth of reality, or at least my reality. LA is home to a ton of “aspirational” blogs, which is great if you either have money or don’t mind hating yourself a little bit every time you open your Google Reader. I am semi-broke and do mind, so I wanted to start a blog that took a more realistic view of living in an expensive big city when you don’t have a trust fund to support your lifestyle or a closet full of (courtesy-of) designer duds. The Average Urbanite is a diary of a girl who is trying her best to find her way and have fun doing it.


Budgeting. DIY projects. Marriage. Loneliness. Fear. Depression. Cooking. Decorating. Growing up. Settling down. Settling in.


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