The strangest reaction I had to stress concerned my hair. I’m a faux redhead, and it had been months since I had covered the brown showing through. I had also let my bangs grow out and wasn’t happy with my lopsided widow’s peak. So I cut my own bangs. Then I went for a darker, […]


It’s Friday. My mom has surgery scheduled for December, but they may work her in during October. I’m half asleep. At the appointment yesterday, my gynecologist told me to eliminate caffeine from my diet since I want to have a baby. So far, I’ve had three cups of coffee and two cups of green tea. […]

Average Workday

This is the city. Los Angeles, California. I work here. My name’s Urbanite. (OK, that’s not really my name or what I look like, but I’ve decided to keep my identity semi-anonymous so I can be totally honest here.) It’s 1:02 p.m. I’m at the office, as are the rest of the 9-to-5ers in the […]