Perchance to dream

I have officially started burning enough extra calories through running that I’m constantly hungry. Clearly I need to pack more filling lunches and/or healthy snacks. In the meantime, however, I’m binging on Halloween candy one of my evil, thoughtless employees brought in and KEEPS REFILLING. I came home in a terrible mood yesterday. I slept […]

Friday, finally

Today is a little better, though the news has not changed. I’m just starting to calm down and get my wits about me. We’re still waiting on the neurosurgeon to review the scans and make a consultation appointment, but my mom is feeling better physically and emotionally, so that’s good. I’m remembering to breathe and […]

Average Workday

This is the city. Los Angeles, California. I work here. My name’s Urbanite. (OK, that’s not really my name or what I look like, but I’ve decided to keep my identity semi-anonymous so I can be totally honest here.) It’s 1:02 p.m. I’m at the office, as are the rest of the 9-to-5ers in the […]