Domestic day

It’s my husband’s birthday, but sadly we will spend much of it apart. He is at an audition this morning, and then he films this afternoon. I’ve decided to take advantage of the day and get some things done. Here’s my list:

  1. Make tostadas
  2. Make bagels
  3. Pick up bed frame (yay for FreeCycle!)
  4. Clean the bathroom: scrub the tub and the floors, as well as the toilet, sink, shower curtain liner, and blinds
  5. Finish sewing project (I’m transforming one of his old button-ups to a tunic for me, God willing)
  6. Meal plan for the week
  7. If there’s time, attack the kitchen cleaning: dishes (usually his job, but it’s his birthday), scrub sink and stove, wipe down fridge, Swiffer floors

As you can see, I’m a terribly exciting person when left to my own devices. I really hope the bagels turn out well! I will probably have to walk to Trader Joe’s to grab some seasonings for the tops, but otherwise, it’ll be a shut-in day for me. No complaints since it’s actually a little cool out there. Los Angeles is settling into its bastard version of fall.


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