I have officially been accepted to community college to start work on my prerequisites. Not that there was any doubt since they turn no one away, but it’s nice to have the official word and a registration date. Now I just need to stop driving myself crazy over the fact that the spring classes are only posted for one of the two campuses I could attend. Must breathe.

As freaked as I was yesterday, Election Day sure came without an exhale. It was like obe minute, there was ~*sTrESs*~ and then suddenly it was called for Obama. Bizarre. Anticlimactic. But thank God. I slept so well last night. I think I passed out one second after the acceptance speech. It was glorious.

I am writing this post while riding LA’s illustrious subway. I have been working at our satellite office this week covering for an employee who is on vacation, and I’m really not looking forward to going back to my real office. The commute is shorter. The job is a better balance of direct service and administrative work than what I actually do. And it’s so, so quiet. I have been slowly plugging away at a manual for months, and in the past three days, I basically knocked out the first draft while also doing the job functions over there. If I didn’t love my employee so much, I’d wish for her to leave so I could take over permanently.

Other positives: the hours are better, I can take the train/subway instead of the bus (so much better), and there is the autonomy I thrive on. Unfortunately, Friday is my last day there. Then it’ll be back to life (back to reality).

Saturday is my husband’s birthday. Last year, both of our celebrations were total disasters. We tried too hard in our new city to go as big as we could (not exactly) afford. This year, we are paring back. My birthday, which is two months to the day before his, was just the two of us and a whole lotta Moscow mules. For his, I plan to cook a special dinner and maybe catch a movie. Nothing big, but he’s not crazy about his birthday anyway. I, however, am in love with celebrating everything, so I am working to find a medium between my overwhelming enthusiasm (and tendency to disappoint myself) and his lack thereof. We’re finding a good balance, though I will make a point to go a little bigger when we have children.

The old man sitting next to me is wearing a lovely patterned newsboy cap, brown leather jacket, and what appear to be canvas moccasins. He’s singing himself a love song. He may be the greatest thing in the world.

Today I passed the stop for the community college campus near home and used the train stop for the grad school I plan to attend. I don’t believe in fate, but I do get a kick out of serendipity. I am so ready to do something new.


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