A bad week

Things that are fucking annoying as shit at my job:

  • – My boss loves to take personal calls on speakerphone.
  • – OR she loves to take them on her cell phone while pacing right outside my office.
  • – Today I’m being ignored except when spoken to directly. Did I mention that I’m senior leadership?
  • – New office policy: if you have to work in the evening, you still have to come in for the entire work day, too. That means yesterday I worked 12 hours. Luckily I’m so handsomely paid. HA.
  • – I oversee a staff member, but my boss and a coworker are both constantly giving her tasks and sending her to do things WITHOUT TELLING ME.
  • – I was berated yesterday for not attending enough (non-mandatory) work events on evenings and weekends. Then we had an event last night that my boss didn’t show up for.
  • – It’s been made clear to me that having kids soon would be frowned upon.
  • – Open-door meetings are commonplace. Our office is tiny, and I can’t concentrate on my actual work.
  • – If I close my door to block the noise out, I’m an asshole.
  • – It takes me an hour to get here in the mornings and an hour to get home in the evenings.
  • – I’m paid $10,000 less a year than the last person who had my job.
  • – The person who has my last position, more or less, makes $13,000 more a year than I did in it.


I better stop now. It’s just making me depressed, and I really need to try on happy for a change. At least it’s Friday and my week ends in five-and-a-half hours.


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