Hospital rooms

I’ve been in St. Louis since Tuesday. Wednesday was about six hours of appointments and tests at the hospital, followed by Mexican food and a whole lotta nothin at the hotel. Yesterday I spent 12 hours at the hospital. We arrived at 9:00, and the procedure began at noon. Two and a half hours later, she was done. The procedure was successful with no complications, and she woke up well from the anesthesia. Overnight, though, she developed a migraine that is still persisting. After zero pain relief and a lot of vomiting, we were finally able to convince the nurses that she needed her normal triptan, not a narcotic. I dosed her about 45 minutes ago, and it is slowly taking effect. Hopefully that means we can check out early this afternoon.

Me, I’m fine. I felt teary a couple of times yesterday, but I held it together. I’ve just felt exhausted.

Two more days in St. Louis. One in my hometown. Then back to LA.


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