The Friday Green

We just got word today that my mom’s surgery is next week. I had a frustrating talk with my boss about working remotely, so I’m not in the best of moods. Instead of dwelling, I present to you three “green” things (i.e. things related to money, the environment, and envy) on my like list this week:

1. Car-Free Los Angeles and Southern California

I saw this book last weekend while window shopping at Hennessey + Ingalls. If I’d had the $20, I would have grabbed it. I want to start minimizing our car usage as much as possible. Even beyond the ridiculousness that is gas prices, I’d like to have a smaller environmental impact on my already smog-ridden community.

2. Walking/hiking

My husband and I are doing another of the walks from the Secret Stairs book tomorrow. I hope to see lots of pretty green growing things. Our target is Echo Park, though, so maybe this should fall under the category of saving money on having fun.

3. Fox Mirror Buffet from West Elm

Source: via Average on Pinterest

I waaaaaaaant this beautiful buffet (who are we kidding? bar) — for my home.


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