Free therapy

By the time I left the office yesterday — which was 5:40; we’re not talking about burning the midnight oil or anything — I felt like crap. My allergies are descending upon me once again, and no matter how hard I will them away with my mind, they are hellbent on giving me a bad time. So I went home and whined to my husband that I felt like crap, and even though he’d been doing housework all day, he babied me by cooking dinner and then a snack and bringing me things. It was awesome.

So, needless to say, I didn’t do any cleaning when I got home. I did, however, do an UFYH closet mini-challenge this morning before work. Basically you just spend five minutes straightening out a closet. Luckily mine wasn’t a total disaster to begin with, so I hung up a few skirts and dresses that had been thrown on a shelf, moved a box from the floor to the shelf, laid out my shoes nicely, and gathered the empty hangers. It made me feel so productive, and I can easily see how doing one of those would quickly lead to another and another if I hadn’t been trying to get out the door. I think I will unfuck my other closet tonight, in addition to putting away my clean laundry.

I don’t love (or even like) cleaning, but there is something therapeutic and relaxing about living in a place that isn’t a disaster. And with that in mind, I may even clean my office today. But only if I can use it as an excuse to decorate for Halloween. Speaking of which, I spent a lot of work hours turning a giant silver ball thing into this jack-o-lantern:

And then today I hung it up and probably filled my eyes with asbestos, but it’s cool. I’m not too concerned. I have no idea what the giant silver ball was before it became my friend Ned, but it appeared to be a cardboard ball covered in some thick, silver plastic that was seriously glued on. So I spent way too much time spray gluing crepe paper to him and then covering it with ancient Mod Podge and then gluing his face on and THEN trying to figure out the best way to hang him. I went with twine and just tied it around the metal that separates our incredibly attractive ceiling tiles. I also put a face on my door:

I find crafting to be very therapeutic, in case you were wondering.

And more free therapy: I’ve been running, which I know I mentioned at some point. I’m following a training plan that calls for four runs a week. Previously I was doing well to eke out two or three, so this is serious stuff. But I actually like it, even when I’m dying a little. I already feel stronger, and I had a great stretching session yesterday and my joints feel much more nimble now. I’m also burning a lot of calories, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be slimming down a tiny bit, too. I’m not overweight at the moment, but I’m about seven pounds from my ideal weight. Since I’m on the short side, those pounds make a big difference.

To recap, unfucking my messy-ass home, being creative, and exercise are all helping me feel less pathetically sad all the time. I haven’t cried in days, and I greet each day with more enthusiasm. It’s a start.


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