Taking them both, the good and bad

Bad news: I got a red light ticket mailed to my home. Damn you, WeHo and your sneaky cameras. It’s not cheap either (almost $500), so we have to save up for it. I have six weeks to pay for it. Blah.

Good news: My husband and I didn’t let that piece of mail bring us down too far. Instead, we went for a walk — #35, to be exact — from the Secret Stairs book, which I read about on Life Absorbed. She did the walk this summer. I didn’t take any pictures, but my husband snapped this one of me looking at the Vedanta Society temple.

The walk was beautiful and not too challenging, despite how hilly it was. The homes were beautiful, such a glamorous mix of Moorish architecture, eccentricity, and all-out opulence. It was also incredibly peaceful, once we made our way a couple of blocks east of the 101. So lovely. So quiet. We’re doing another walk this coming Saturday, either in Universal or Echo Park.

Bad news: I overspent on groceries for this week. In my defense, we needed paper towels and flour. If it hadn’t been for them, I would have been right on the nose more or less.

Good news: I got free brunch on Sunday. Sometimes it pays to hang out with your boss. There was booze, too, so I got nothing else accomplished all day.

Bad news: We still don’t know for sure when my mom’s surgery will be, and we know for sure she has to have it. A doctor told her that the “waiting game” with aneurysms almost always results in death. Great.

Good news: Yes, she did finally see a doctor, and though he isn’t the doctor who will be cutting into her cranium, he has referred her to a top surgeon in St. Louis. She should hear from the real doctor this week to schedule her surgery. I will be flying to St. Louis to be with her when the time comes. To distract her from the ick and fear factor of what’s to happen, we are planning to play tourist as much as we can while we’re there. We’re talking a tour of Cahokia and a trip to the American Kennel Club Museum. Hell yes. Of course, she may well not be capable of doing anything fun while we’re there, but it’s worth a thought, right?


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