Medical Monday

I never meant to start a medical-themed diary, but apparently that’s where life has taken me in the full seven days since I started writing.

Here’s the mom update:

Her labs were sent to the neurosurgeon she has seen before. Nobody calls. She finally calls his office herself to discover that he doesn’t do aneurysm surgery, so he referred her to another guy for consultation. And he’s been on vacation for at least the past week, which is why she’s heard nothing. Great. So the waiting continues.

I’ve had my share of medical annoyances in the past. I have a few minor health problems, and I’ve done a fairly intense battery of tests that resulted in not an ounce of useful treatment for my migraines. But this takes the cake. How can you tell a woman that she has an aneurysm, it needs surgery very soon, and give her the referral run-around so that she just sits around for A WEEK waiting to find out if her carotid artery will just decide to rupture one day? It’s fucked up. I know doctors have a hard job, but so do most patients, and when we’re talking about paying money for a service (and the responsibility to care for someone’s health), the waiting game is just not acceptable.

And now I don’t want to talk about doctors any more. Today is October. It is technically fall, though it’s 99° in my part of LA. I have bare legs. My husband and I need to look at our Mint account today or tomorrow so we can plan an actual budget for October. Once we have, I’ll share it with you. That’s right. It’s no holds barred around here.

It’s Monday, and that’s all for now.


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