Friday, finally

Today is a little better, though the news has not changed. I’m just starting to calm down and get my wits about me. We’re still waiting on the neurosurgeon to review the scans and make a consultation appointment, but my mom is feeling better physically and emotionally, so that’s good. I’m remembering to breathe and feeling thankful that today is Friday.

I’m also distracting myself with positive things until we figure out what the heck is going on. Last night I attended a work event that I was dreading, but it actually ended up being really fun. The after party had this breathtaking view of downtown:

A Barbie pink bathroom:

As well as what was easily the greatest, most creative cookie (and cupcake and cake pop) decorating station I’ve ever seen:

Here’s a close-up on my creation, which I dubbed “A Stormy Day at Sea”:

(My nail is not filthy. That’s frosting trapped under there, I promise.)

Tomorrow I’m going to a coworker’s big gay wedding. Sunday I’m attending a book club and another meet-up. Tonight is just me and my husband, who is being so supportive and never for a second making me feel stupid or crazy for how emotionally I’m reacting. I envision a movie and an early bedtime.


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